1 October 2007
Los Angeles (CA), Hollywood Palladium

Stop Me If You Think You've Heard This One Before
All You Need Is Me
Sister I'm A Poet
That's How People Grow Up
Billy Budd
The Loop
Why Don't You Find Out For Yourself?
Stretch Out And Wait
First Of The Gang To Die
Let Me Kiss You
Death Of A Disco Dancer
You Have Killed Me
In The Future When All's Well
I Like You
One Day Goodbye Will Be Farewell
Dear God Please Help Me
How Soon Is Now?
/Irish Blood, English Heart
Morrissey started his 10-date residency at the Hollywood Palladium on a great note. The show was excellent, the man sounded great, he seemed to be in an excellent mood. The crowd was very appreciative, energetic and excitable, but not as violent as Los Angeles crowd can sometimes be. Two fans made it on stage, one of which managed to stick her tongue in his mouth while he had his eyes closed (read further).

The setlist was resequenced and "I'm Throwing My Arms Around Paris", "The Boy With The Thorn In His Side", "Everyday Is Like Sunday" and "I Just Want To See The Boy Happy" were replaced with "London", "Billy Budd", "Death Of A Disco Dancer" and "Disappointed".

Once again there was no walk-on music on this date. Morrissey and the band came on stage, keyboardist Michael Farrell played a few bars from the Academy Awards staple soundtrack "Hooray For Hollywood" and Morrissey greeted the audience with a shout of "Welcome to my living room!" before going into set opener "Stop Me If You Think You've Heard This One Before". After two song Morrissey raised an eyebrow and extended his greeting with "Welcome to our lifetime residency at the Hollywood Palladium..." A very memorable moment took place during "All You Need Is Me" when a female fan managed to make it on stage unnoticed, grabbed Morrissey's head and forced her tongue in his mouth while he was singing with his eyes closed. Morrissey immediately pulled away in horror, wiped his mouth and said "disgusting!" while the fan was being dragged away by security. Later in the show, he alluded to these events and said that it felt like he was "...being kissed by someone who was siphoning jet fuel from a 747... or it was the Stella..."

Halfway into the show Morrissey proceeded with the traditional introduction of the band. He started with Michael Farrell and worked his way to Boz. He said that bassist Solomon Walker was drummer's Matt Walker identical twin. He ended by introducing himself with the words "...and I'm plain nasty!" In "Let Me Kiss You" he changed a line to "I've zigzagged all over Los Angeles". For some reason at some point into that song he broke into laughter. Later in the show he said "I don't know how it happened... but... it's October already..." When the crowd applauded loudly after one of the songs he said "It's very mutual." Fans in the front smoked marijuana and Morrissey asked "What's that smell?"

Morrissey also had his usual chit-chats with fans in the front row. One handed him a manga fanzine made by a Japanese fan and Morrissey asked her "What does that have to do with me?" She told him it was about him and he retorted that the only Japanese he knew was the word "kabuki". Another fan asked him "We're wondering why you love playing so much for us" to which he responded, "isn't it obvious?" He then played "London" and added at the end of the song, "That is your answer." Another fan brought up that it had been Marc Bolan's anniversary the day before and Morrissey praised him, saying it was "...very well said".

At some point Morrissey scanned the crowd and said, "Lazy dykes?" During "First Of The Gang To Die" a fan surfed up to the front and Morrissey joked "here's Hector!" After the "explosive kegs between my legs" and "now I'm spreading your legs, with mine in between" lines in "Dear God Please Help Me", the crowd cheered loudly and Morrissey said with a smirk "this is a very serious song..." before breaking into laughter. He and his musicians returned for the encore dressed in the uniforms of the Chivas USA soccer team. He explained "We will do anything to be popular..." before going into the evening's final number.


There are no significant audio of video recordings of this concert in circulation at this point in time. There is an audio audience recording out there, but it hasn't been shared much yet. Some footage of this date (source unknown) has been included on a bootleg 2-DVD set featuring material from all Morrissey shows at the Palladium in October 2007.


Do you have information about this concert? Or do you own an uncirculated recording of it? If yes please contribute and get credited.