15 July 2007
Orlando (FL), Hard Rock Live

The Queen Is Dead
In The Future When All's Well
You Have Killed Me
The Last Of The Famous International Playboys
The National Front Disco
Let Me Kiss You
Girlfriend In A Coma
Everyday Is Like Sunday
All You Need Is Me
The Boy With The Thorn In His Side
Irish Blood, English Heart
At Last I Am Born
That's How People Grow Up
I Will See You In Far Off Places
Please, Please, Please, Let Me Get What I Want
First Of The Gang To Die
I Just Want To See The Boy Happy
Life Is A Pigsty
How Soon Is Now?
/You're Gonna Need Someone On Your Side
This was a very good show. Morrissey was in great form. The crowd was mellow, but loudly appreciative and the fans sang along to their favourite songs. At some point Morrissey even seemed to be very humbled by all the chanting and screaming. Security wasn't too obvious, but only one fan made it on stage, and he didn't get a change to reach Morrissey before being hauled away. The setlist was slightly resequenced but the content wasn't changed.

At some point Morrissey told the fans "This the best a Sunday can offer..." After "The National Front Disco" he introduced his musicians: "I am very happy tonight to be supported by, augmented by Alien Ant Farm, who are Michael Farrell... Jesse Tobias... Matt Walker... Solomon Walker... and the indestructible Boz Boorer... who will not be destroyed!" At some point he pointed to his musicians and said "We are who we are..."

Following "Girlfriend In A Coma" Morrissey asked his favourite fan "Are you surviving Julia, did you have any breakfast? (she tells him breakfast was good) Was what it? Weetabix? (she says she had American Corn Flakes) Now that I know this..." Beside the usual lyric changes in "Everyday Is Like Sunday" he also sang "Come Armageddon, come Armageddon come, soon, please..." After the song he chatted with another fan in the front row and handed him the microphone so he could answer his questions.

"Irish Blood, English Heart" saw the first (and only) attempt to get on stage, and this may be the reason why Morrissey talked about "one little stretch of... testosterone..." after the song. In "That's How People Grow Up" he changed a line to "as for me I'm okay, for tonight anyway". After the song he questioned "'That's How People Grow Up'... How do people grow up? Nobody knows..."

In "First Of The Gang To Die" Morrissey humourously changed a line to "you have never been in love until you've had me, down by the reservoir". After the song he talked about the next planned show: "So I suppose you'll be getting to Jacksonville... where we'll get our heads kicked in by very small school girls... 'cause the murder rate in Jacksonville is far too low... honestly..." As the show was almost over he thanked the crowd for "your time... your energy... but mostly your bodies..."


An audience (audio) recording of this concert is out there, but it is not being shared yet. The most interesting thing available at this point in time is a 30 minute digital video file featuring bad sounding video recordings of "You Have Killed Me", "The National Front Disco", "Let Me Kiss You", "Everyday Is Like Sunday", "Irish Blood, English Heart", "At Last I Am Born", "That's How People Grow Up", "First Of The Gang To Die" and "Life Is A Pigsty" (recorder: FDR).


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