12 May 2006
Philharmonic Hall, Liverpool

You Have Killed Me
How Soon Is Now?
First Of The Gang To Die
I Will See You In Far Off Places
On The Streets I Ran
To Me You Are A Work Of Art
Girlfriend In A Coma
The Youngest Was The Most Loved
The Father Who Must Be Killed
Let Me Kiss You
Life Is A Pigsty
At Last I Am Born
In The Future When All's Well
Still Ill
I Just Want To See The Boy Happy
/Irish Blood, English Heart
After the previous date in Blackburn, this one seemed rather uneventful. The very beautiful venue was a seated one designed for classical music or recitals, with an orchestral sound stage, it was not designed for rock concerts. So the sound was good for certain numbers but not as much for others. The audience was slightly passive, but at least it didn't stay seated throughout the gig. There was no rush to the stage despite the fact that it was only a few feet high. Morrissey appeared to be in good spirits but perhaps slightly less chatty than his usual self. According to what he says in his autobiography, he was ill with the flu and would have probably cancelled if had been able to do it.

For the first time on the British leg of the tour the setlist was significantly resequenced. Usual opener "First Of The Gang To Die" was moved down a bit, the usual follow up "Still Ill" moved down even more, main set closer "How Soon Is Now?" brought forward to the second position and the rest positioned to alternate slow and fast-paced numbers. In the process "On The Streets I Ran" replaced "Reader Meet Author".

Morrissey greeted the audience "Dear Liverpool, please help me!" before going into the opening song. After that came the second part of his greeting "Welcome to our (pop show?)". Before "I Will See You In Far Off Places" he enquired "Are you happy to be in the Philharmonic Hall? (cheers) No? That's a no..." After the song he thanked the crowd's appreciation with the sarcastic "Very civil of you...". He followed this with the customary word with his favourite fan "Are you okay Julia? Just OK... (mumbles something) Blackburn, flu, (mock strangled screech)". After "On The Streets I Ran" Morrissey answered someone in the audience, or perhaps the crowd's appreciation, with the question "Are you sure?"

The usual band introduction took place before "Girlfriend In A Coma". This time Morrissey proceeded in the reverse order: "Would you please say hello to the (diddy?) men... here is Michael Farrell, born in Cleveland... here is Jesse Tobias... here is the great Matt Walker... here is the very glamorous Gary Day... and here is our captain Boz Boorer... and let me fall back in time..." Before "The Father Who Must Be Killed" Morrissey said "So, (inaudible)". The crowd then broke into a chant of his name and Morrissey answered it with "Yes, Yes! What do you want?" After the song (in which he skipped the whole first verse) he explained "That song was 'The Father Who Must Be Killed' which is something, I think, we can all relate to... (some fans boo) Yes boo me, I dare you!"

Before "Life Is A Pigsty", Morrissey humourously announced "I shall just move my career" and proceeded to move his microphone stand. After that number he explained "That song charters my own personal experience of love and romance and it was called 'Life Is A Pigsty'... and having been born, then died, I'm born again..." which also served as an introduction to the following title on the setlist, "At Last I Am Born". Before going into the rocking "I Just Want To See The Boy Happy" Morrissey exclaimed "Yeah!"

Returning to the stage after a short break to perform the encore, Morrissey spotted a Ringleader/LFC banner in the audience. He gave a quizzical look at the five stars on it and asked "What does it mean? I don't know what it means... What?" When someone in the audience explained to him that the five stars represented five European cups, he added "I feel ashamed!".


This concert, although recorded by one or more audience member, is not circulated on bootlegs yet.


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