10 May 2006
Victoria Theatre, Halifax

First Of The Gang To Die
Still Ill
You Have Killed Me
The Youngest Was The Most Loved
Let Me Kiss You
Girlfriend In A Coma
To Me You Are A Work Of Art
I Will See You In Far Off Places
Life Is A Pigsty
Trouble Loves Me
At Last I Am Born
My Life Is A Succession Of People Saying Goodbye
I Just Want To See The Boy Happy
In The Future When All's Well
How Soon Is Now?
/Irish Blood, English Heart
This one is remembered as one of the best shows of this leg of the Tour Of The Tormentors MMVI. The venue was small but the atmosphere was the best and the sound was excellent. Morrissey was on form, witty and chatty and the band was superb. The audience was extremely receptive and like elsewhere on this tour fans put up a serious fight for a piece of Morrissey's shirt when it was thrown in the midst of them.

Setlist-wise there were only minor changes. The New York Dolls cover "Human Being" was dropped and replaced by part-timer "My Life Is An Succession Of People Saying Goodbye".

On this date Morrissey reached out to the West Yorkshire audience by making many references to local places and people. He asked whether anyone famous was from Halifax and when shouted names, disputed the fact that Billy Bremner came from Halifax. In "My Life Is A Succession Of People Saying Goodbye", he changed a line to "All of the best things in life are behind glass... Halifax, Leeds, Pontefract". In "Let Me Kiss You" he sang "I've zig-zagged all over Pontefract and I cannot find a safety haven". In the customary band introduction he said that Boz was from Castleford.

Morrissey also joked about the venue being named after Victoria Wood. Performances of "Trouble Loves Me" on this tour were segued from a short intro of a well known local song. This date was no exception. The song picked for this date, "Sally" by Gracie Fields (the theme from the 1931 film "Sally In Our Alley") was also the one played before "Trouble Loves Me" on two of the recent Manchester dates and in Salford at the very beginning of this leg of the tour.


There is an audio recording of this concert out there, but it is not shared much at this point in time and is of unknown quality.


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