19 April 2006
North Wales Conference Centre, Llandudno

First Of The Gang To Die
Still Ill
You Have Killed Me
The Youngest Was The Most Loved
I Just Want To See The Boy Happy
Reader Meet Author
On The Streets I Ran
My Life Is A Succession Of People Saying Goodbye
Girlfriend In A Coma
Let Me Kiss You
At Last I Am Born
To Me You Are A Work Of Art
I Will See You In Far Off Places
A Song From Under The Floor Boards
How Soon Is Now?
Life Is A Pigsty
/Irish Blood, English Heart
This second date of the UK leg of the Tour Of The Tormentors MMVI was not as much a success as the first one in Salford. The show took place in The North Wales Conference Centre and not, as first thought, in the North Wales Theatre. The venue was a small conference hall with a tiny stage and no room for a backdrop. The audience at the front was quite enthusiastic, they bounced along to the fast numbers, swayed to the slower ones and fought for a piece of Morrissey's shirt when it was thrown amongst them. But in the back the crowd was a bit more subdued. Hecklers hurled abuse at Morrissey which made him more distant with the audience after a point. Security was polite and gentle, but nobody tried to make it on stage.

Setlist regular "Trouble Loves Me" was dropped and replaced by "On The Streets I Ran" which was seeing its live debut. There was also minor resequencing of the setlist.

Morrissey came on stage with a cigarette in his mouth which he kept behind his ear during the first three songs. He greeted the audience with something like "We'll try!". After opening number "First Of The Gang To Die" he asked "Are you bored yet? Give it time!" At some point he had a dig at the Stereophonics by asking the audience "If you apologise for the Stereochronics, we'll apologise for everything else". When asked by a fan to play "Bengali In Platforms", he answered "I'm not feeling for that one". Then to someone who shouted "Is that your best quiff?" he replied "Is that supposed to be funny?"

Besides that Morrissey's other banter consisted of introducing his cover of Magazine's "A Song From Under The Floorboards" by commenting about the past, introducing his musicians and acknowledging the presence of his favourite fan Julia Riley ("Julia, are you in position? Okay then"). As was custom at this time, Morrissey saluted his fans in Italian (Ciao!) before casually strolling off the stage.

Review collaboration: Dai Thomas.


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