4 November 2004
SUE II Festival, Santiago, Chile

How Soon Is Now?
First Of The Gang To Die
November Spawned A Monster
I Like You
Bigmouth Strikes Again
Such A Little Thing Makes Such A Big Difference
Subway Train/Everyday Is Like Sunday
Let Me Kiss You
Shoplifters Of The World Unite
Irish Blood, English Heart
Now My Heart Is Full
Rubber Ring
The More You Ignore Me, The Closer I Get
Last Night I Dreamt That Somebody Loved Me
You Know I Couldn't Last
/There Is A Light That Never Goes Out
The Chilean love Morrissey and this gig went down very well. Morrissey was dressed in the priest suit he had worn for the recent Halloween gig. However his musicians wore Jobriath t-shirts instead of the nun outfits they had worn on that day. Father Morrissey was in great spirits and played the priest role by bringing incense with him on stage, mentioning Jesus and God, and blessing his audience.

The Santiago audience was only treated to a 16-track setlist very likely because this concert was part of a festival. Morrissey played the safe card by including most regulars from the recent American leg of the tour, a record six songs from the Smiths back catalogue and no b-sides. The Vegas-style backdrop of Morrissey's name in tall letters wasn't carried along this brief 2-date stretch in South America.

So as Morrissey walked on stage carrying incense, he and his musicians formed a line at the front, arms around each other and bowed before everyone took their respective position. Morrissey then picked up his microphone and greeted the audience with "Santiago! I have come to bless you!" After set opener "How Soon Is Now?" he added "It's beautiful to see your faces... and my face is beautiful too..." After "First Of The Gang To Die" he searched the front rows for his most dedicated fan Julia and called out her name. He then thanked the audience and asked "I hope you're not too cold, no? Yes..."

"I Like You" was introduced by Morrissey with the announcement "We have a... (someone shouts) What? Hola!... We have a album/cd called 'You Are The Quarry', (points at various people) you, you, you are the quarry and because you are the quarry, I like you..." After that song Morrissey asked the audience if they enjoyed his support artist: "Did you enjoy PJ Harvey? (crowd cheers) Yes? Me too, me too... Do you enjoy life? (crowd cheers) I don't... La-la-la, la-la-la..." The American people had just re-elected George Bush so after "Bigmouth Strikes Again" Morrissey said "Now I must tell you that we are horrified by the election results in the Divided States of America. We... it's very bad news for everyone in the world and all I can say is: may God bless us all..."

Following "Such A Little Thing Makes Such A Big Difference" Morrissey asked his favourite fan "You okay Julia? Yeah? You're alright? You're not too crushed? Not too crushed?... (turns to seomone else nearby) Hello! Who? Me? Ya-ya-ya-ya!" After "Everyday Is Like Sunday" he introduced his musicians: "Would you please say hello to the wonderful boys in the band (crowd says loud hello!)... individually, one at a time... beginning with... who? come on... beginning with Boz Boorer... and the two and only, Gary Day... the mighty chilly Deano!... beyond belief, Jesse Tobias... a man with his own parts, Mikey V Farrell... and I am (in Spanish accent) Mo-rri-ssey... unfortunately..."

After "Let Me Kiss You" Morrissey thanked the audience and added "You're very kind... (shades his eyes) I can't really see you though... I wish I could see you... I wish I could sleep with you, aaaahh!... Just kiddin', just kiddin'..." After "Shoplifters Of The World Unite" he replied to shouts from the audience with "Yes please tell me now, tell me, please!... We may never meet again because we may all be blown up, I think, so tell me now..."

Following "Irish Blood, English Heart" Morrissey asked the audience "You don't feel too chilly? Even though you are in Chile... Sorry Julia that was really silly... I'll be silly 'cause I'm in Chile and I'm being silly... Tomorrow we fly to Argentina (crowd reacts negatively)... and I know that you love Argentina (crowd: no!)... Yes? (no!) Argentina? (no!) Well, where? You live in Argentina? No? You live in Peru? (no!) Oh you hate Argentina? Why? What did they do?"

Besides the many usual lyric changes in "Now My Heart In Full" Morrissey also sang "Steven Patrick raised to wait" and something that sounded like "every jammy business poet". The classic "The More You Ignore Me, The Closer I Get" was introduced with the contradictory "And this is another song that nobody likes..." After the song Morrissey signalled for someone to throw their banner his way, he caught it, extended it in front of himself and asked the audience "Is it funny? Should I throw it back? (throws it back) Arriba!... Say one more time? Yeah? (giggles) November spawned a mozzer..."

After "Last Night I Dreamt That Somebody Loved Me" Morrissey replied to someone's request with "When? Today? Well I'm busy now..." At the end of "You Know I Couldn't Last" Morrissey changed a line to "Your royalties bring you luxuries, your royalties do not bring you luxuries, they don't, yes they do!". When everyone returned to the stage before the encore the musicians got into another line to bow, just as they had done at the beginning of the show, but before doing so Morrissey crouched and bowed to them. He then told the audience "You have been so very very kind and... we will come back to see you soon if you can bear it... maybe you can't, I don't know but... God bless you and thank you so much..." The audience then sang along with Morrissey for the entirety of final number "There Is A Light That Never Goes Out".

The complete concert was broadcast on local FM radio.


An audience recording of the complete concert is circulated on bootleg DVDs. The footage, filmed from the left balcony, is of reasonable quality. It can be shaky at times, but it features nice close-ups of the stage or of the big screen next to it.

The FM broadcast mentioned above is circulated in audio on bootleg compact discs and in digital format on the internet. The quality is obviously excellent. This is sometimes found under the titles "God Bless The Divided States", "Live At Santiago SUE" or "Live In Chile 2004".


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