3 October 2002
Ambassador Theatre, Dublin, Ireland

I Want The One I Can't Have
Little Man, What Now?
Sister I'm A Poet
First Of The Gang To Die
Jack The Ripper
I Like You
Hairdresser On Fire
Alsatian Cousin
Nothing Rhymed
Everyday Is Like Sunday
The World Is Full Of Crashing Bores
Meat Is Murder
Late Night, Maudlin Street
Irish Blood, English Heart
/There Is A Light That Never Goes Out
The second of two consecutive Dublin gigs went down just as well as the first one. Morrissey was in his element, he chatted profusely between songs, often with an Irish accent. He also reached out to the Dubliners by using Gaelic words or dropping the names of Dublin suburbs in his banter. At times he disciplined the shouting fans with "Shurrup!" ('shut up!') or punctuated his lines with some 'Bejaysus!'. The Irish fans loved Morrissey and were very receptive. Just like the night before there were many attempts to get on stage, especially towards the end, but none were successful.

There wasn't much change in the setlist. "November Spawned A Monster" was dropped again to make space for "Mexico" and hence - with a bit of resequencing - give the Dubliners a bit of variety. The Gilbert O'Sullivan cover "Nothing Rhymed" was performed for a second and final time.

Morrissey greeted the audience with the line "Hello fair city! You came back for more... you will regret it!" After set opener "I Want The One I Can't Have" he added "Welcome to a damp Thursday on O'Connell Street... as if there's any other kind of Thursday on O'Connell Street..." After "Little Man, What Now?" he started "You'll be pleased to know that..." but was interrupted by various shouts. He answered a few of them with questions such as "Is this the Beastie Boys?... The what?..." After "Sister I'm A Poet" he announced "You'll be very pleased to know that my Gaelic is coming along really well (crowd cheers)... I can say things like 'howaya!'... and 'bainne' (Irish for milk)... That's all... Not very useful... (someone shouts that they like milk and Morrissey repeats) Bainne!... Kilbarrack..."

Following "First Of The Gang To Die", as Morrissey had been interviewed by Janice Long the day before, he said "God bless Janice Long! We love Janice... We don't like Jo Whiley... Jesus!... Was that nasty? (crowd: yes!) Can I take it back? (crowd: no!) Please... (to shouting fans) Oh shuttup!... For God's sake!... Boz? Nothing..." The crowd favourite "Jack The Ripper" was then introduced with "You, you are a prostitute... and it's 1888... and I creep up behind you... and I say these loving words..." Before that song's opening line ("Oh you look so tired") Morrissey said "Excuse me...", then after it he added "...my dear..."

After the latter number Morrissey said "That song was called 'The Thoughts Of Jack The Ripper'..." Then after one more "Oh shuttup!" to someone shouting, he introduced the next planned number "I Like You": "This song is about.... you, you at the back, you at the back from Swords! And it's called 'Bejaysus! I Like You'." Over the song's opening bars he asked his favourite fan "Why Julia, why? Why me? Why not somebody else? Why? Why? Why? Why?" After the song he shouted "Tanks! ('thanks' for Dubliners)... Sorry, thank you..." and this made Alain giggle. Seeing this Morrissey asked "Alain? Alain? Why are you laughing?" Alain replied too quickly and Morrissey asked him "Could you repeat that slowly?" Alain went on to explain that someone from opening band Sack told him that if you wanted to speak like Dubliners, and someone said "how is it going?", you had to reply "Great, tanks!'". Morrissey's reaction was to shout "Security!" while pointing at Alain.

Over the opening notes of "Hairdresser On Fire" Morrissey announced "This song is about Kid (undecipherable)... I believe..." He then changed the song's opening line to "Where is Crumlin... Jesus, where is Crumlin, is it home of the free, or what, I dunno!" Further into the song he sang "so much for Crumlin". He made many more playful changes never or seldom heard of before. He usually changed a line to "you are depressed but you're remarkably dressed, and that's all you need", but on this date he took it a step further and sang "you are depressed but you're remarkably dressed, what else do you need?". He also sang "home of the fast, outrageous and free" and "when he said I'm gonna screw you, I felt quite jealous of you".

After "Hairdresser On Fire" Morrissey replied to various fans: "Don't say it unless you mean it! 'Cause you'll get me excited... Yes, you may whistle... Err, Boz?" Then over the opening notes of "Alsatian Cousin" he said "Julia what's the next song?... Just kidding..." After the song Morrissey tried to decipher more things shouted his way: "Sorry what was that? Where is your what? Toys? What? Shorts? Well I was just gonna, I was just gonna..." He then proceeded with the band introduction: "I know a few of you know this already but... I was recently married... Why are people laughing? I was recently married and I would like to introduce you to... (someone shouts something childish) Wow... your wit must really entertain really small children... (returns to introduction) I'd like to introduce you to the bridesmaid's... Over, over yonder, is a young man... from (Acroom?) and he's called Boz!... Here is a young man from Stillorgan, he's called Gary!... Over yonder is (in a deep voice) Deano... And, he used to be known as Sutty, but now you know him as Alain!..."

The Gilbert O'Sullivan cover "Nothing Rhymed" was introduced with "Just when you thought we wouldn't dare sing that song again... stop laughing..." Following "Everyday Is Like Sunday" Morrissey said "Thank you enormously" then announced the postponement of the planned Athens concert: "I would like to make a public announcement. For those people who want to know, and there are some of them that... we don't go to Athens this weekend, we go to Perth on Monday so... I'm not suggesting that you might want to go but, I'm just reminding myself, that's all..."

"The World Is Full Of Crashing Bores" was introduced with the line "The first words I ever learned when I was that big is, are 'The World Is Full Of Crashing Bores'..." The vegetarian anthem "Meat Is Murder" was introduced with "This worked in Paris. It won't work here, but let me try... Repeat these words please, after me... I (crowd repeats, Morrissey murmurs 'What a good start')... Will (crowd repeats, Morrissey murmurs 'Pantomime')... Become (crowd repeats)... Vegetarian! You didn't say 'vegetarian'!" Remaining on topic, Morrissey followed the song with the comment "It's interesting that when you arrive at Dublin airport, the first thing you see is a sign about Foot & Mouth and meat and... they'll never learn, ever! God bless Foot & Mouth!"

"Mexico" was introduced with the words "This song is called 'Mexico' but you can change the title to 'Coolock' or something like that... if it makes you feel better... 'Mexico'!" After the song Morrissey tried to decipher things shouted his way. New composition "Irish Blood, English Heart" was preceded with "You do realize that you can love your country without respecting it... well you can, honest, you really can, if you try hard enough... and this song is the sum of my components and it's called 'Irish Blood, English Heart'..." Over the opening notes of "Speedway" Morrissey said "Thank you for listening... there's some Horlicks with my name on it... Horlicks..."

Before going into encore "There Is A Light That Never Goes Out" Morrissey commented on the shirt he had just thrown into the crowd: "Whoever caught the shirt please be very careful 'cause the material is incredibly cheap... What?" He then said goodbye to the audience by quoting from his own words from "Rubber Ring": "Thank you for making us happy... How the hell did you manage it? And, when you're dancing and laughing and finally living hear this voice in your head and... think of me kindly..."


There are three different audience recordings of this concert out there. One of them sounds reasonably good, but it lacks "Sister I'm A Poet" and the second half of "There Is A Light That Never Goes Out". Another one features the full set, but it is distorted, muffled and skips, so it will only appeal to completists. It is unfortunately the most common of the two at this point in time. A third recording, this one of unknown quality and featuring 45 minutes of the concert, has not made it in common circulation yet.

A vinyl bootleg titled "The First Lost Lad Under The Sod" features "Nothing Rhymed" from either this concert or the previous Dublin one, 4 songs from 10 September 2002, 3 Janice Long radio sessions from 2002, "First Of The Gang To Die" from an uncredited date and a track titled "Don't Forget..." (Morrissey saying goodbye to his audience at the end of a 2002 concert, possibly Malmö 24 October or Birmingham 30 October).


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