4 April 2000
The Olympia, Sao Paulo, Brazil

The Boy Racer
Alma Matters
November Spawned A Monster
Hairdresser On Fire
Ouija Board, Ouija Board
A Swallow On My Neck
Billy Budd
I Am Hated For Loving
The More You Ignore Me, The Closer I Get
Trouble Loves Me
Meat Is Murder
I Can Have Both
Is It Really So Strange?
The Teachers Are Afraid Of The Pupils
/Last Night I Dreamt That Somebody Loved Me
The second of two consecutive concerts in Sao Paulo was as energetic and as much a success as the first one. The audience was ecstatic, the fans sang along to most of the songs and chanted Morrissey's name. The man obviously fed off this energy, he was particularly playful and roared his way through the set. There were many attempts by fans to get on stage and Morrissey encouraged them by asking them to "swim" or by saying "I'll save you".

Morrissey had been changing the setlists quite a lot between shows in Brazil, but on this date, because it was the second consecutive gig at the same venue, a record seven songs were replaced. Fans who attended this second date were treated to "The Boy Racer", "Alma Matters", "Lost", "Boxers", "I Can Have Both", "The Teachers Are Afraid Of The Pupils" and "Last Night I Dreamt That Somebody Loved Me" while "You're Gonna Need Someone On Your Side", "Reader Meet Author", "Now My Heart Is Full", "Half A Person", "Break Up The Family", "Tomorrow" and "Shoplifters Of The World Unite" were dropped. This was actually the first and only airing of "I Can Have Both" on this Latin American leg of the Oye Esteban tour.

As he entered stage Morrissey picked up the microphone and greeted the audience, "Bonito diamos(?)... it's another stifled Tuesday night..." Over the opening notes of "The Boy Racer" he roared repeatedly at the top of his lungs while he threw all the flowers that had been thrown on stage back into the audience. It was a very unusual rock'n'roll thing to do for Morrissey. In live performances of the latter song the man usually mumbled or made noises instead of singing the "and I'm gonna kill him" part. On this date he extended the line to "he thinks he's got the whole world in his hands, and maybe he has!". After that song came the second part of his greeting: "Welcome to part two of our life!... The cameras are grinding, the cement on the lens... The Smiths is dead, viva viva Morrissey, what do you say..." Before going into the next number he had this answer for someone at the front: "Because pop music will never end, that's why..."

While he sang "Alma Matters" Morrissey picked up someone's bouquet of flowers, whipped it out of most of its petal, then threw it back into the audience. He sang a few lines of "November Spawned A Monster" with someone's drawing of himself in front of his face. After the song he thanked the audience in Portuguese and chatted with two fans - a fanzine editor and a Morrissey webpage editor - who were following him to every show: "Obrigado!... Julia? Julia! Julia? Julia! Nia... (stops looking, turns to audience) So while you're trying to work the last song out... yeah... Angela! Where are you going? Where are you going, come back! Just kidding, just kidding... Angela! Where are you going? Just kidding..." Between two lines at the start of "Hairdresser On Fire" he told people in the front rows "You got the same t-shirts on!". After the song he thanked the numerous fans who had made signs of welcome "Thank you for your very nice messages... I'll take them back to West Ham... (puts the message on the drum rise) Yes, of course I remember you... Do you remember me?"

Following "A Swallow On My Neck" Morrissey chatted again with fanzine editor Julia: "Julia, I'm very curious, have you considered writing a b-o-o-k? A b-o-o-k, on your travels... No?... I am silly!" After "Billy Budd" he asked "Why? Why should I?" He changed a line in "I Am Hated For Loving" to "I'm haunted for... giving" and another one to "I am falling there never will be someone to catch me". After the song he screamed "Stop screaming!". Funnily enough he had asked the fans to do the exact opposite the previous night after that very same song.

Once again the performance of "The More You Ignore Me, The Closer I Get" was a very passionate one. Besides venting against "stupid British judges" and making previously heard lyric changes, Morrissey roared lines such as "Oh my God! you're wasting your time!" or "when you sleep, I will creep into your bed like bad song that you can't stand / oh, make it easy and give in / somebody let me in". He got confused between languages when at the end of the song he used 'por favor' and after the song, as fans were handing him their letters, he asked "More, more letters... thank you... gracias... I mean obrigado... I mean gracias... I mean obrigado!".

Following "Trouble Loves Me" Morrissey thanked the audience and when he was thanked back he said "What for?" He then asked someone "Can I have this? Can I have it? Can I have it? Roar!" Further down the setlist the lesser known "Lost" was introduced with the words "This next song is called 'Perdido'. No? Perdido? Perdido? Perdido? No? What? Is it not Perdido? It's 'Perdido'!". Quite a few fans tried to make it on stage during that song. Then Morrissey returned to the subject "So that song, that song was not called 'Perdido'... does perdido not mean lost? No? Does anybody care? Noooooo..." Then, after his musicians changed positions on stage for the acoustic version of "Boxers" and Spike moved forward with his bongos, Morrissey counted them as if he wanted to make sure they were all there "1, 2, 3, 4".

One fan made it on stage during "Boxers", but what made this one stand out from the others was that she was blind. She arrived on stage unnoticed by Morrissey who was at the other end. The security had taken her cane but left her there so that she could get her chance with Morrissey. Seeing this, fans started shouting his name to draw his attention. When he noticed her presence he approached her with a puzzled look because she was looking at nothing in particular, moving her head from one side to the other. Then when he realised she was blind, he went to her with a look of surprise and concern, took her hand and pulled her up. He sang one verse to her as she lay there hugging his legs and crying. Many fans in the audience were moved to tears.

Before this incident Morrissey had made a slight mistake in his lyrics when he sang "losing in front of your home crowd, town, crowd, the crowd calls your name..." So after the song he acknowledged this by saying "I got the words wrong in that song but nobody noticed... nobody cares... Boz? What day is it Boz? (Boz: "Tuesday") It's Tuesday... Boz knows it's Tuesday, yes!... Incredible, incredible stuff..." After "I Can Have Both" he joked "That's all I do, goodbye... that's all I can do!". After "The Teachers Are Afraid Of The Pupils" he said "This is your last chance to be sexy... I'm speaking to myself... What do you mean, booooo? Boooo?". Morrissey return for the encore dressed in his vintage sailor outfit.

The concert was filmed and the first five songs of the set were shown on a programme called "En Concierto" aka "En Vivo San Pablo".


The short television broadcast mentioned above is circulated on DVDs, usually with bonus footage such as the trailer for the never broadcast "South With Morrissey" documentary and the Fox Canal interview. It is also found tagged at the end of bootleg DVDS of other concerts from the era.

At least two different audio recordings of the complete concert have made their way into the hands of collectors. The most common is supposedly the audio from the complete television footage, but it must be said that although it does sound like television audio (fade-out after certain songs, missing banter, audience sounds distant), the sound quality is not as pristine as would be expected from such. This recording is sometimes seen with artwork under the title "Thank You Sao Paulo".

The other recording is an audience one and also features the complete concert (recorder: Akira). It is usually seen circulated in a 2-cd collection, paired with a recording of the previous night's show, under the title "Live In Sao Paulo". This one is not found on the internet at this point in time.

One or two other audio recordings of a portion of the set are rumoured. However they may be misdated recordings of the previous show in the same venue. The audio from the brief television broadcast is also found on bootlegs.


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