5 February 2000
Idaho Center Theater, Boise, ID

The Boy Racer
Alma Matters
A Swallow On My Neck
Hairdresser On Fire
Is It Really So Strange?
November Spawned A Monster
Now My Heart Is Full
Reader Meet Author
Meat Is Murder
The More You Ignore Me, the Closer I Get
The Teachers Are Afraid Of the Pupils
I Can Have Both
Last Night I Dreamt That Somebody Loved Me
/Shoplifters Of the World Unite
This concert went down well despite unfavorable conditions such as the bad choice of venue (a rodeo arena), the fact that the show was not sold out, and the lukewarm reception. Morrissey was still energetic and very talkative. No one made it on stage although there were quite a few attempts.

Quite a few changes were made to the setlist. "Billy Budd", "Half A Person" and "Break Up The Family" were temporarily dropped and replaced with "Reader Meet Author", "Shoplifters Of The World Unite" and, for the first time on the Oye Esteban tour, "The More You Ignore Me, The Closer I Get".

Morrissey couldn't resist greeting the audience with the pun "Hello girls, hello Boise!" In live performances of "The Boy Racer" at the time he usually made various noises instead of singing "I'm gonna kill him". This was the case on this date, but after giving out a few aahs instead of the forbidden words, he shouted "Jerry Springer!". After the song he commented on the turnout: "Welcome to our strange little show... and you didn't really expect us to sell out, did you?... We did... (growls) Oh yes..." After "Alma Matters" he replied to someone with the words "What? Oh the pressure..."

After the lesser known b-side "A Swallow On My Neck" Morrissey acknowledged the crowd's response by saying "We know you didn't know it, but thank you anyway..." He then asked a fan in the front rows: "Paul? How are you?... Can't reach, I can't reach... Aah! These for me? (sighs loudly)..." During the opening bars of "Hairdresser On Fire" someone threw a beer cup on stage, which prompted him to say "Very nice, I really feel welcome now..." After the song he commented on a female fan who had just been taken down by security while surfing towards the stage: "I tried to save her, but she went to the sharks... too bad, really... I hope nobody faints because this is a very cheap show, we can't afford stretchers or anything like that... That wasn't very funny was it? Well you have to remember I'm English! I have no sense of humour... (some fan comments loudly) I heard that..."

Following "Is It Really So Strange?" Morrissey jokingly announced "We did that song because we don't want the oldest segment of the audience to feel left out... and I'm actually in that segment..." Between the first few lines of "Lost" he asked someone "Did you make this yourself?" He was distracted by some action in front of him during the rest of the song, so he said "Dear God!" and giggled. Somewhere into "Speedway" he said "It could only be Boise..." After "November Spawned A Monster" he commented, "So as you can see in here all these songs are very miserable and depressing... and obviously MTV are always correct..."

Over the first few bars of "Now My Heart Is Full" Morrissey asked someone "Chicago? Are you from Chicago? You're not from Chicago?" The audience's appreciation for the latter number must have been lukewarm because Morrissey told them "You're growing tired..." He then asked someone "What d'you mean 'you rock'? Rock? I don't rock..." Over the opening bars to "Reader Meet Author" he joked "I am the morning DJ from W-O-L-D!" He also adapted one of that song's line to the area by singing "Have you ever escaped from a Caldwell life?".

"Meat Is Murder" was introduced with the line "Now I know that some of you live up in the mountains but - don't ask me how I know that but - and I'm sure you believe that a man's gotta eat what a man's gotta eat but... there is another view you know..." During "The More You Ignore Me, the Closer I Get" he encouraged someone who was trying to get on stage to "swim boy, swim boy, swim..." After the song he said "40 years old and no brow, not bad..." One fan almost made it on stage during "Tomorrow" and as he was escorted out Morrissey said "That's the mayor of Boise." After the latter number he said "Thank you for the feather boa but this isn't a drag show it may (?) quickly, really... this isn't a drag show it may (?) quickly, I thought that was quite funny... I was wrong!"

After "The Teachers Are Afraid Of The Pupils" Morrissey introduced the next planned song with the line "This song ripples with meaning, it's called 'I Can Have Both'... What does that mean?... What does it mean?" However after the line "planning my selection from..." he veered off and sang "I think we're out of tune... Yes we're definitely out of tune, that's how much meaning that song had..." The band stopped and Morrissey said "Alright, forget 'I Can Have Both', it's not true anyway... I think it's an omen, we shouldn't really do it... Alright you've been very kind, I mean you're still here, that's committed... This is before you (?) all back to the Ponderosa..."

Following this Morrissey and the band went into "Last Night I Dreamt That Somebody Loved Me". Because that song was the usual encore on this tour some fans feared that with the skipped "I Can Have Both" they would be losing out on another number, but they were wrong. After the song and a short break Morrissey returned to the stage and said "If we ever get invited back we'll certainly come so... you'll probably never see us again (giggles)... I am what?"


An excellent audience recording of the complete set is available on bootleg compact discs and on the internet (recorder: JLW aka leche27). This is circulated in two forms: original master in digital and analog EQ'd version. This is one of the few instances where fanmade remastering actually improved a recording. The quality of the latter improvement is such that if it wasn't for the occasional loud scream from someone nearby the recording could almost be passed off as a soundboard one.


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