3 February 2000
Paramount Theater, Seattle, WA

The Boy Racer
Billy Budd
Hairdresser On Fire
November Spawned A Monster
Half A Person
A Swallow On My Neck
Alma Matters
Is It Really So Strange?
The Teachers Are Afraid Of the Pupils
I Can Have Both
Now My Heart Is Full
Meat Is Murder
Break Up the Family
/Last Night I Dreamt That Somebody Loved Me
This concert was another success but the crowd was not the most energetic. Morrissey was still in apparent good spirits and was quite talkative with his fans. "Billy Budd" returned to the set for the first time in 2000. To make space for it "Reader Meet Author" was dropped.

Morrissey came on stage wearing his PVC suit while his musicians were all dressed in Mariachi costumes. As a greeting Morrissey shouted "It's PVC night! Where's yours? Where is yours?". After set opener "The Boy Racer" he jokingly introduced himself and his band with the words "We're the Goo Goo Dolls... no we're not the Goo Goo Dolls, we're very talented..." He followed this with his customary comment ensuring nobody would think he was wearing leather: "And just in case that People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals are hanging around, this is plastic... I'm plastic... and it doesn't end there!".

After "Billy Budd" Morrissey extended his greeting with "Welcome to a completely new set and... if you believe that... you'll believe anything... (to some heckler) Oh stop it!" After "Tomorrow" he continued his conversation with someone in the front row: "Yes, but do you know why? That's just a mirage... yes, I'll answer anything, I don't mind what you're saying, I'll answer...". Following "Hairdresser On Fire" he looked around for a fan following him around on tour: "I must check on Julia... are you okay?... how am I? I'm ok... I don't know... I don't know... What? Who am I? That's the question... No, I don't think so!".

After "November Spawned A Monster" Morrissey teasingly thanked the Seattle crowd with "Yes, hello Phoenix!". "Half A Person" was introduced with "This song needs no introduction, so it's not going to get one... and anybody who's... I can't say anything..." After the song Morrissey put a cigarette thrown on stage behind his ear. After "Lost" he changed shirts and teased "By the way, whoever gets my shirt gets me... don't throw it back... there's always a catch to everything..." After "A Swallow On My Neck" he said something about "Alain's big solo".

After "Alma Matters" Morrissey returned to an earlier subject: "So I think by now you can tell that we're not really as interesting as the Goo Goo Dolls..." After "The Teachers Are Afraid Of The Pupils", he went into another conversation with a fan: "That wasn't funny... there's so many people down the front with tattoos it's really pressurizing... is that really real? Yeah? It's really really really real? Yeah, it's incredible! No? But you knew that, otherwise you wouldn't be here..."

During the opening bars of lesser known b-side "I Can Have Both" Morrissey asked people "Do you know this song?" A fan grabbed the man's hand in the middle of it and it distracted Morrissey. A line was slightly changed to "I'm trying to explain to you I can have both" and after the usual vocal part was done Morrissey sang "take me now, my love..." Before going into "Now My Heart Is Full" he said "I don't know what that means... we don't scream in England... we don't do anything in England..." "Meat Is Murder" was introduced with the line "This song is about the biggest political secret ever, in our time... the secrets of... the slaughter house..."

"Break Up The Family" was introduced with "Somebody said this next song was a classic of its time, but it was me who said it, so it doesn't really count." As was customary Morrissey changed a line to "I want to be with my friends tonight" but at this point a fan lifted a sign saying "YOU ARE". He read it aloud and added "You are... I am!" Further down he sang "I want to sleep with my friends tonight" and followed "Now that does that sound mad?" with "Yes, it is." Before going into the encore Morrissey's final words of the evening was a pun on a Klaus Nomi line ('Remember me, forget my fate'): "In the words of the great Klaus Nomi, 'Remember me, forget my feet!'... how funny!"


A rather good audience recording of the complete set is circulated on bootleg compact discs, sometimes under the title "¡Oye Esteban! In Seattle". This is also available in digital format on the internet, but for some reason the files for "November Spawned A Monster", "Half A Person", "A Swallow On My Neck" and "Now My Heart Is Full" are usually missing.


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