Unlike other sections of "Passions Just Like Mine", this one doesn't aim to be complete. Below is a succinct list of Morrissey and the Smiths related links that are considered essential to complete this webpage.

For the most complete list of links, visit the ultimate Guide To Morrissey and The Smiths On The Internet, Shoplifters Union at http://shoplifters.morrissey-solo.com/


Morrissey's official websites


Past and present musical partners



  • Morrissey Scans:
    The blog is "an archive of Morrissey-related scans, including full magazine articles, promo photos, reviews, songwords and other random snippets."

  • Smiths File Online:
    Chronologically relive the history of the Smiths through magazine articles, release reviews, news items, photos, etc. This is a companion site to the Lucky Lisp page below.


Sound and vision

  • SmithsPhotos:
    SmithsPhotos is the official page of Stephen Wright who took many of the photos of the Smiths that we are familiar with, including the classic Salford Lads Club photo.

  • Vulgar Picture:
    This fantastic webpage displays high resolution scans of all Smiths and Morrissey releases, from 1983's "Hand In Glove" to the present day.



  • Salford Lads Club
    The Salford Lads Club (as seen in the inside artwork from the album "The Queen Is Dead") has a room dedicated to the Smiths and their fans. For years now the spot where the Smiths posed for the classic photo has been a regular pilgrimage for fans visiting Manchester.

  • Maladjusted
    A Morrissey-related mailing list.

  • Smithstorrents
    A community where Smiths and Morrissey fans trade live recordings in digital format.