You will find here lists of music, books and poems, films, television programmes, actors and other people for who/which Morrissey has expressed some appreciation at some point or other of his life. This information was culled from interviews, tour programmes, Q&A's, stage banter, concert intermission music, leaked personal letters and many more sources.



In an interview to Face magazine in July 1984 Morrissey said "There's so much buried in the past to steal from, one's resources are limitless. I'm not saying everything I write has been written before but most of the way I feel comes from the cinema. I fed myself on films like A Taste Of Honey, The L-Shaped Room."

Morrissey, in an interview given to Len Brown (date unknown): "If I praise something, a film or a record from the Sixties, I'm quite genuine about it, and it's not like I'm digging up some Viking Helmet and becoming very dreamlike about that. I think it was a very productive and interesting period. And art, in every respect, has diminished since the turn of the Seventies. The Seventies were horrible."

In an interview published in Mojo in 2006, he said "(...)a spark of me was always very, erm, unsure and that's when I think you rely on other people's ideas. I mean, I know I overdid it with Shelagh Delaney. It took me a long, long time to shed that particular one. [But] no one is ever quite as original as they think they are. I always considered the great mesh of all my influences had merged in me as something that was (unique enough)."