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30 November 1985 - Melody Maker
Patsy Kensit / Eighth Wonder special

October 1994 - Vox
Oasis cover and interview. Also, Courtney in bed, U2, Echobelly, Woodstock 2, Depeche Mode

December 1994 - Vox
Plant And Page cover and interview. Also Suede, Oasis, Gene, Nirvana, etc.

28 January 1995 - NME
PJ Harvey cover and interview. Also The The, complete Siouxsie And The Banshees discography, etc.

April 1995 - Select
PJ Harvey cover and interview. Also Radiohead, Menswear, Beastie Boys, etc.
(9$ with 'Exclusives' tapes with Gene, Stereolab, Massive Attack, Sleeper, U2, Marion, Spiritualized, etc.)

February 1996 - Vox
Paul Weller cover and interview. Also War Child Help, U2, Radiohead, Jarvis Cocker, Blur, Oasis, Tricky, PJ Harvey, Supergrass, etc.

8 March 1997 - Melody Maker
Special features on Radio 1's Mark Radcliffe. Also Ben Folds Five, Symposium, Tim Burton, etc.

4 October 1997 - NME
Oasis, The Verve, Bjork, The Seahorses, Spiritualized, Suede, etc.

25 October 1997 - NME
Embrace cover and special features. Also Symposium, Mogwai, Bush, etc.

6 December 1997 - NME
Blur, Propellerheads, the funniest men on UK TV.

17 January 1998- NME
The Verve cover and special features. Also Pearl Jam, Air, Radiohead, Travis, etc.

21 February 1998 - NME
Primal Scream cover and special feature.
Interview with Marion for new album produced by Marr. Also Charlatans, Chumbawamba, Theaudience, Ultrasound, etc.

14 March 1998 - NME
Tony Blair cover and feature. Also The Verve, Primal Scream, Charlatans, Ian Brown, Pulp, Catatonia, Travis, Space, etc.

April 1998 - Q #139
Special 70s feature (Bowie, Abba, Pink Floyd, Iggy Pop, Led Zeppelin.
Also Robbie Williams interview with many photos, Sting, Air, Space, Ian Brown, etc.

April 1998 - Select
Pulp cover and interview "What's Eating Jarvis Cocker". Great photos.
Also, Blur, Cornershop, Space, Bernard Butler, Catatonia, etc.

25 April 1998 - NME
Fatboy Slim / Norman Cook feature. Retrospective on Acid House. Also Massive Attack, Theaudience, James, etc.

August 1999 - Select
Blur cover and mega feature "Confidential". The lost Blur photos.
Also Belle And Sebastian, Catatonia, Glastonbury mega poster.

January 2000 - Select
End of the year/decade/millenium special features. Stereophonics.
Photo history of the Manic Street Preachers.