"Reel Around The Fountain"
[unreleased; scheduled for 23 September 1983]


Reel Around The Fountain (Peel session 1983)

UK 7" test pressing [Rough Trade RT136]


Additional information:
The planned follow-up to the Smiths' debut single "Hand In Glove" was originally going to be the live favourite "Reel Around The Fountain", backed with "Jeane" which had recently been recorded during the scrapped debut album sessions with producer Troy Tate. The Smiths had also recorded a version of "Reel Around The Fountain" with producer Troy Tate, but they were going to release as their second single the version they had recorded for John Peel's BBC radio programme earlier in the year. Those plans went no further than the 7" test pressing stage because the song was stirring controversy at the time and because the Smiths had just written a new song they were very excited about, "This Charming Man". So the latter title became the band's second single, and the planned b-side wasn't changed. The test pressings of "Reel Around The Fountain" have meanwhile become highly collectible. There are an estimated 25 to 50 copies out there. They have a yellowish green label and were given the catalogue number RT136, the same that was reused for "This Charming Man".


Artwork information:
The release plans were scrapped before any artwork was finished but, had it been released, the "Reel Around The Fountain" single would have featured the Jean Marais artwork that ended up being used for the "This Charming Man" single. Evidence for this is the early ad that was run in some music industry press.