"The Malady Lingers On"
November 1992


Glamorous Glue
Certain People I Know
Tomorrow (video edit)
We Hate It When Our Friends Become Successful
My Love Life (UK version of the song)
You're The One For Me, Fatty
Sing Your Life
Pregnant For The Last Time

Australia VHS [EMI ??]
Australia DVD [EMI 5996369]
Brazil DVD [EMI 5996459]
Canada VHS [Warner/Reprise 38359-3]
Europe VHS [PMI MVR 4900063]
Europe DVD (PAL) [EMI 5996369]
Europe DVD (NTSC) [EMI 5996459]
Europe 2-DVD [EBXD3/5998639]**
Japan VHS [Toshiba EMI TOVW-3146]
Japan LD [Toshiba EMI TOLW-3146]
USA VHS [Warner/Reprise 38359-3]
USA LD [Warner/Reprise 6-38392]*

Additional information:
This is a compilation of promotional videos for singles released in 1991 and 1992. Presumably because Morrissey was being injustly accused of being a racist at the time this compilation was released, the "Our Frank" video (which features skinheads) was left out.

Everything on this compilation bar "Certain People I Know" was re-released on the "¡Oye Esteban!" DVD in 2000 with most of the material from the "Hulmerist" compilation (which covered 1988-1990), plus a few previously uncompiled videos from 1994 and 1995. "¡Oye Esteban!" was aimed at the North American market and never released on DVD elsewhere. "Hulmerist" and "The Malady Lingers On" were instead released on DVD in 2004 for the British and European markets.

* USA laserdisc is a paired release including "Hulmerist", the first Morrissey video compilation covering 1988-1990.

** After being re-released on DVD separately in May 2004, "The Malady Lingers On" and the first video compilation "Hulmerist" were repackaged and sold together as a boxed set on 1 November 2004.

The Japanese video was limited to 3000 copies. T-shirts were given away with it.


Artwork information:
Morrissey and guitarist Alain Whyte, photographed by Diane Bidermann on stage at the Paramount Theatre, New York City, September 1992.


Additional release date information:
UK video: 23 November 1992
Japan video and laserdisc: 31 May 1993
USA video: 13 July 1993
USA laserdisc: 22 March 1994
UK/Europe DVD: 31 May 2004


Chart information:
Highest charting position in UK: 14


UK: Time-coded viewing copies on VHS format were distributed for promotion of this compilation at the time of its initial release. When it was made available on DVD format in 2004, test discs with handwritten labels were used for promotional and also perhaps in-house purposes.

USA: VHS copies of the compilation with generic label, inside a plain white card slipcase are presumed to have served promotional purposes although they may have in fact actually served in-house reference purposes. Stock copies in which the cassette was promo-marked in gold have been reported, but this is not confirmed.