"I Have Forgiven Jesus"
13 December 2004


I Have Forgiven Jesus
No One Can Hold A Candle To You

Europe 7" [Attack/Sanctuary ATKSE011]
Europe cd5#1 [Attack/Sanctuary ATKXS011]


I Have Forgiven Jesus
Slum Mums
The Public Image
I Have Forgiven Jesus [video]

Europe cd5#2 [Attack/Sanctuary ATKXD011]


Artwork information:
Cover photo as well as back artwork (also displayed in left frame) taken from the "I Have Forgiven Jesus" video directed by Bucky Fukumato/AV Club.

The photo inside the booklet which was also used for the back of the usual promo cd (discussed below, view left) as well as the front of the "No One Can Hold A Candle To You promo (discussed below, view left) was taken by Jed Weitzman at the Ryman Auditorium in Nashville while on tour in 2004.

The front of the usual promo described in the promotion section below was taken by Rankin.


Additional release date information:
UK and Europe: 13 December 2004


Chart peak information:
UK: 10
Sweden: 33


UK: Four different promo compact discs were produced for this single, with 3 different artworks:
1. The most common features the 2 tracks from the 7" and cd1. Its artwork displayed in the left bar as "alt artwork". Numbered ATKPX011.
2. A different promo cd has the same 2 tracks, but the artwork is similar to the usual stock single artwork, inside a white border (view left). Numbered ATKPX011.
3. A variation of the previous promo cd has the same front and back artwork, but features 4 tracks and is numbered ATKPX011X. Also, the label here is mostly black while it is mostly white for the 2-track version.
4. A one-track promo cd of b-side "No One Can Hold A Candle To You" also served promotional purposes (view left).

UK (continued): "I Have Forgiven Jesus", "First Of The Gang To Die" and the Nancy Sinatra version of "Let Me Kiss You" were included on a radio sampler cd titled "Treat Yourself Sanctuary Records Xmas SRG Selecta Sampler 12". One-track VHS in PAL format of "I Have Forgiven Jesus" were also distributed in the UK for promotional purposes.

Sweden: Stock copies of either cd#1 or cd#2 with a Swedish promo sticker on the case served to promote the release of this single in Sweden.