"Glamorous Glue"
18 April 2011


Glamorous Glue
Treat Me Like A Human Being
Glamorous Glue [video]

Europe CD5 [Major Minor CDMM722]


Glamorous Glue
Safe, Warm Lancashire Home

Europe 7" #1 [Major Minor MM722]


Glamorous Glue
Treat Me Like A Human Being

Europe 7" picture disc [Major Minor MMPD722]


Glamorous Glue (live on Saturday Night Live 1992)

UK - official download


Additional information:
Information about this release is available at the "Glamorous Glue" microsite.


Artwork information:
Front image by Renaud Monfourny. A different take appears on side B of the 7" picture disc (view left). The reverse of the sleeve for the cd-single and regular 7" features a photo of Morrissey by Kevin Cummins (view left).


Etchings on vinyl:
UK 7" #1: "our raymond, our douglas, our bunny"


Chart peak information:
UK: 69


UK/Europe: The single was promoted with the help of two items. The most interesting is a 7" single featuring "Glamorous Glue" on side A and Vince Eager's "The World's Loneliest Man" in side B (Stateside/Major Minor SS 2242; view left). The other items is a one-track promo cd featuring the usual artwork without any text (EMI/Major Minor 50999-028900-2-9; view left). A one-track 'advance promo' cd-r also served earlier, more limited promotional purposes. It has no artwork, the near-generic cd-r was distributed inside a plastic cd envelope with a white Major Minor paper insert giving only Morrissey's name, the title and "Advance Promo".