August/September 1992


This Charming Man
William, It Was Really Nothing
What Difference Does It Make?
Stop Me If You Think You've Heard This One Before
Girlfriend in a Coma
Half A Person
Rubber Ring
How Soon Is Now?
Hand In Glove (remixed by John Porter)
Shoplifters of the World Unite
Sheila Take A Bow
Some Girls Are Bigger Than Others
Please, Please, Please, Let Me Get What I Want

Argentina CD [WEA 450990327-2]
Argentina CS [WEA 450990327-4]
Australia CD [Warner Australia 450990327-2]
Australia CS [Warner Australia 450990327-4]
Brazil CD [WEA 450990327-2]
Brazil CS [WEA 450990327-4]
Brazil LP [WEA 670.9421]
Canada CD [Sire/Reprise CDW45042]
Canada CD [Columbia House W2 45042; record club edition]
Canada CS [Sire/Reprise 24 50424]
Canada CS [Columbia House W4 45042; record club edition]
Chile CS [WEA 198398]
Croatia LP [Croatia Records/WEA 2039153]
Croatia CS [Croatia Records/WEA MC-7-S 3039152]
Czechoslovakia CD [WEA 450990327-2]
Czechoslovakia CS [WEA 450990327-4]
Germany/Europe CD [WEA 450990327-2]
Germany/Europe CS [WEA 450990327-4]
Germany/Europe LP [WEA 450990327-1]
Israel CS [WEA/Hed Arzi 450990327-4]
Japan CD [WEA WMC5-540]
Japan CD [1997 reissue on WEA WPCR-1271]
Japan CD [2014 reissue on WEA WPCR-15336]
Malaysia CS [Warner ??]
Mexico CD [WEA 450990327-2]
Mexico CS [WEA 450990327-4]
Philippines CS [Warner Music Philippines 450990327-4]
Poland CS [WEA 450990327]
Saudi Arabia CS [Thomsun EN4833]
South Africa CD [WEA/Tusk WICD 5149]
Taiwan CS [Warner Music International/UFO 4509-90327-4/WUT70091]
Thailand CS [WEA 90327-4]
Turkey CS [WEA/MMY 4509-90327-4]
Ukraine CS [WEA/Eurostar 450990327-4]
Uruguay CS [WEA 61078-4]
USA CD [Sire/Reprise 9 45042-2]
USA CD [Columbia House W2 45042; record club edition]
USA CD [BMG Direct D124868; record club edition]
USA CS [Sire/Reprise 9 45042-4]


Artwork information:
The USA and Canada artwork was designed by Morrissey. The front image is of Richard Davalos from "East Of Eden". It is not from the movie, but a studio outtake, taken from a different angle not used in the film. The hand is James Dean's. The back of the cd booklet shows a close-up of Dean's hand in mauve and the back of the cd has the same close-up in yellow.

For the rest of the world, WEA used a Dennis Hopper photograph of a man and a woman sitting side by side at a table. "Best...I has the left half of the photograph (the woman) while "Best...II" has the right one (the man). The photo is titled "Biker Couple" and is taken from Hopper's 1986 collection "Out Of The Sixties". The back of the cd booklet has a close-up of the people in the background, in black and white, while the cd back insert and the back of the LP have the same close-up, but in pink.

UK television advert from the time of the original release can be seen here.


Additional release date information:
UK/Europe: 17 August 1992
Australia: 14 September 1992
Japan: 25 September 1992
USA/Canada: 29 September 1992
Japanese reissue: 30 September 1997


Chart peak information:
UK: 1
Norway: 35
USA: 139


UK: Gold on 1 September 1992


UK: This album seems to have been promoted mostly through its singles. A 30-second ad was put together to promote both "Best...I" and "Best...II". It was distributed on a Vanderquest promo VHS (Warner WEAD SM1 999).

Japan: Promo cds of the original 1992 pressing presumably had a promo sticker on the back and SAMPLE etched on the cd's inner ring (confirmation needed). A various artists promo cd titled "WEA Top Hits September 1992" featuring "This Charming Man" was dispatched to radio in order to promote "Best...I" as well as recent releases by other artists.

USA: A 4-artists promo compilation titled "Flashback Four" included songs from "Best...I" and "Best...II". The compilation was produced on 12" (PRO-A-5930), compact disc (PRO-CD-5930) and video. The 12" featured the New York Vocal mix of "This Charming Man" as well as "Ask", while the cd included the latter plus "How Soon Is Now?". The video promo included the videos for "This Charming Man" and "Ask".