"Barbarism Begins At Home"
April 1985


Barbarism Begins At Home (edit)
Shakespeare's Sister

Germany 7" [RT Deutschland RTD021]
Italy 7" [Virgin VIN45148]


Barbarism Begins At Home
Shakespeare's Sister
Stretch Out And Wait

Germany 12" [RT Deutschland RTD021T]


Barbarism Begins At Home (edit)
Shakespeare's Sister
Stretch Out And Wait

UK CD5 [Rough Trade RTT171CD]
Australia CD5 [Festival D1078]
Barbarism Begins At Home
Well I Wonder
How Soon Is Now?
Oscillate Wildly
Greece 12" [Virgin VG2041Z]


Additional information:
The German single is a double a-side with "Shakespeare's Sister" which was released as a single in other parts of the world.

"Barbarism Begins At Home" didn't originally get a commercial release in the UK although it was released in 1988 on a cd-single based on the German single listed here. It was also used as a promo for the "Meat Is Murder" album in January 1985 (view UK promo artwork and get more info on the "Meat Is Murder" page).

"Barbarism Begins At Home" was released later in the year in Greece with tracks and artwork from the "How Soon Is Now?" single. Although "Barbarism Begins At Home" is the first track on that EP, the artwork is the one used elsewhere for "How Soon Is Now?" and can be viewed at the latter page.


Artwork information:
This single shows Viv Nicholson at the pithead, from her 1977 book "Spend Spend Spend". Another photo from the same book had already been used for the "Heaven Knows I'm Miserable Now" single. In 1988 Morrissey picked Viv Nicholson as a cover star again, this time to appear on the "Headmaster Ritual" cd-single.

The artwork is repeated in black and white on the back of the 7"s and 12"s.


Etchings on vinyl:
UK promo 12"s: THESE ARE THE GOOD TIMES / none


Additional release date information:
UK DJ promo 12"s: January 1985
UK cd-single: 28 November 1988
Australia cd-single: late 1988


UK: This single wasn't released in the UK in 1985. The UK DJ 12"s served to promote "Meat Is Murder". Information on these is found at the latter link.

France: French promo 12"s were used to promote "Meat Is Murder". Information is found at the latter page.

Greece: Promo 12"s are stock ones with "Promo not for sale" stamped in blue ink (and in English!) on the label.

Italy: Stock copies with a star-shaped hole punched out of the sleeve have been advertised as promos, but it is unlikely that these came from the record company because promos from Virgin Dischi at the time had a promo warning pin-stamped in a corner of the sleeve. Actually, even the latter form of promo has never been reported for this title.