"Ask" [1995 re-release]
6 February 1995


Cemetry Gates

UK 7" [WEA YZ0004 / 99382-7]
UK CSS [WEA YZ0004C / 99382-4]


Cemetry Gates
Golden Lights

Germany/Europe CD5 [WEA YZ0004CDX / 99383-2 (limited and numbered)]
Germany/Europe CD5 [WEA YZ0004CD / 99383-2]

Additional information:
"Ask" was re-released by WEA as a single from the "Singles" compilation album. This reissue's track listing is identical to that of the single's original release except for the a-side which is the album version instead of the single version. Despite being "Made in Germany manufacturing Europe", the two cd-singles were also sold in the UK.


Artwork information:
WEA re-used the original release artwork of Yootha Joyce on the set of the 1965 film "Catch Us If You Can" which is known in North America under the title "Having A Wild Weekend". Just as for the original single, different shots of Mrs Joyce were used for the back of the singles, or inside the cd and cassette inserts.


Chart peak information:
UK: 62


UK: The single was promoted via stock copies of the non-limited European cd-single with a plugger sticker on the case. A one-track promo video was also sent to the relevant media.