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Smash Hits 1985 Yearbook
Morrissey pops up in several places in this book, the most notable being his 20 questions survey and a pin-up page of him holding his favourite Billy Fury record. The lyrics to "Hand In Glove" are featured in a section about songwriters' own favourite lyrics, along with a little snippet in which Morrissey explains why that song has his favourite lyric. Morrissey also gets a mention in the "Body Talk" segment, where some female pop stars critique his appearance. There is another tiny snippet about celebrity fashion accessories in which Johnny Marr explains why he so often wears sunglasses ("My girlfriend had them made for me. I wear them because my eyes are always pink.").
Read questionnaire and view photo at Morrissey Scans.
Read "Hand In Glove" segment at Morrissey Scans.

Bitch Bitch Bitch
By Mike Wrenn
Published in 1988 by Omnibus LTD.
This book is an unrestrained collection of some of the more vindictive or insulting remarks made by rock and pop performers over the years. Includes Morrissey as well as Elvis Costello, Bob Dylan, Prince, the Rolling Stones, Boy George, U2, Sade, etc. 98 pages

Smash Hits 1988 Yearbook
80 pages. Includes "A Day in the Life of Morrissey" amongst other 'features' such as "A Day in the Life of Billy Idol", "The Secret Life of U2", "Curiosity Killed The Cat Personal Files", "Pet Shop Boy's: 20 Questions", "A Trip to Sting's House", "A Day in the Life of ABC", "A Day in the Life of Simon Le Bon", "Beastie Boys Photo Album", etc...
Read from scans at Morrissey Scans.

Manchester England: The Story Of The Pop Cult City
By Dave Haslam
Published by Fourth Estate in 1999, reprint in 2000
This book obviously mentions the Smiths, a cornerstone in this city's musical history.

Blissed Out: The Raptures Of Rock
By Simon Reynolds
Published in the UK by Serpent's Tail in 1990
Has a chapter about Morrissey (amongst other artists) from an interview done by Reynolds for Melody Maker in March 1988.

And God Created Manchester
by Sarah Champion
published by Wordsmith in 1990
This book details the entire Manchester music scene from the Smiths to the Happy Mondays, the Stone Roses, New Order and Inspiral Carpets. Many photos. 143 pages.

Guitar Legends: The Definitive Guide To The World's Greatest Guitar Players
By Chris Gill of "Guitar Player" magazine
Features those few highly influential rock and blues guitarists who have earned truly legendary status. Chris Gill details the lives and influences of 36 guitar greats equipment, and recordings. Included is the Smiths' Johnny Marr

The World At My Feet
by Sandie Shaw
Published by Harper Collins in 1991
Sandie Shaw's biography mentions Morrissey quite a lot, as he played an important role in the re-emergence of her career in the 80s.

Le Rock Anglais
La Sirčne / Les Inrockuptibles, 1992
Anthology of interviews from the pages of French magazine Les Inrockuptibles. Includes the infamous 1987 Morrissey interview in which he announces the end of the Smiths for the first time.

Manic Pop Thrill
By Rachel Felder
Published by Ecccco
First edition 1993
This 180-page book contains text and photos of the alternative music scene. Bands included are: My Bloody Valentine, the Smiths, The Fall, Wedding Present, Kitchens of Distinction, Dinosaur Jr., Sonic Youth, Nirvana, Mega City Four, Ned's Atomic Dustbin, Wonder Stuff, Jesus & Mary Chain, Cocteau Twins, Ministry, Nine Inch Nails, and the Pixies.

The Omnibus Press Rock'N'Roll Reader
This was given away with copies of March or April 1994 Q magazine (issue Q91). It was also given away with Rolling Stone magazine in Australia in February 1995. It contains articles and interviews with some famous rock stars such as Jimi Hendrix, Elvis, Sex Pistols, Michael Jackson, Rolling Stones, The Smiths, Bob Dylan, Pink Floyd, Guns n'Roses, Prince, Queen, Bob Marley, The Beatles, Gram Parsons, Led Zep, Velvet Underground, Bruce Springsteen. The Smiths interview was done by Johnny Rogan.

The Dark Stuff: Selected Writings On Rock Music 1972-1993
by British journalist Nick Kent
published 1994 by Penguin and by Penguin Australia
Contains many profiles and interviews about various artists, including "Morrissey, the Majesty of Melancholia and The Light That Never Goes Out in Smiths-dom". 352 p.

The Dark Stuff: Selected Writings On Rock Music 1972-1995
by British journalist Nick Kent
1995 reissue of previous book by Da Capo Press
See above for details. 368 p.

The Dark Stuff: Selected Writings On Rock Music
by British journalist Nick Kent
2002 reissue of previous books by Da Capo Press
See above for details. 400 p.

Seduced And Abandoned Essays On Gay Men And Popular Music
by Richard Smith.
Published by Cassell in 1995.
Collection of essays, one titled "The God that Failed?" is about Morrissey.

First Among Sequels
This 94-pages anthology includes classic interviews from the Melody Maker archives. It is a slimline paperback book given with the Melody Maker on 20 April 1996 to celebrate their 70th anniversary. Featuring some of their best interviews of the last 15 years, including an interview by Allan Jones which had originally appeared in their 3rd March 1984 issue. Also includes interviews of REM, The Sugarcubes, The Pixies, Public Enemy, Blur, Suede, Oasis, Nirvana, Radiohead, Stone Roses and many more.

Les Inrockuptibles Dix Ans Cent Albums
This a compilation of reviews of what French magazine Les Inrockuptibles believed to be the 10 best albums released in the first 10 years of the magazine's existence (1986-1996). The Smiths "The Queen Is Dead" was voted #1 and the magazine also released for that occasion the tribute album "The Smiths Is Dead".

Anton Corbijn: Star Trak
Steward, Tabori and Chang first edition, 1996
This book features 113 beautiful 9.5" x 9.5" photographs taken by Anton Corbijn who did the original Viva Hate cover. Celebrity photos featured in the book include Morrissey as well as David Bowie, Tricky, Bono, Dennis Hopper, Clint Eastwood, Michael Stipe, Aimee Mann, Kurt Cobain, Trent Reznor, Courtney Love, Jodie Foster, PJ Harvey, Nick Cave, Peter Murphy, Isaac Hayes, Kate Moss, Dave Gahan, Liam and Noel Gallagher of Oasis, Willem Dafoe, Bryan Ferry, Lou Reed, Quentin Tarantino, LL Cool J, Annie Lennox, Mick Jagger, David Lynch, Johnny Depp, Jeff Buckley, Leonard Cohen, Neneh Cherry, Bjork, Isabella Rossellini, Bob Dylan, etc.

Anton Corbign: Famouz Photographs 1976-1988
Schirmer/Mosel Verlag, 1997
Large 14"x11" 120pages hardcover book. Includes black and white photos of Morrissey as well as John Cale,Tom Waits, David Bowie, PeterGabriel, Depeche Mode, Lou Reed, John Lydon, Nina Hagen, U2, Sting, Kate Bush, Miles Davis, Shane MacGowan, David Byrne, Elvis Costello, Leonard Cohen, Sinead O'Conner, Al Green, David Sylvian, Stevie Wonder, Frankie Goes To Hollywood, Ian Curtis, Marc Almond, Nick Cave, Jim Kerr, Echo And The Bunnymen, Roy Orbison, Siouxsie Sioux, Brian Eno, James Brown, Billy Bragg, Joy Division, Van Morrison, Julian Cope, Cabaret Voltaire, Joe Cocker, Bryan Ferry, Debbie Harry, Adam Ant and more.

Dr. Airwair Martens
Airwair Ltd, 1999
112 highly illustrated pages on the artists that made Doc Martens shoes famous, including The Smiths and Morrissey.

20th Century Icons: Rock And Pop
by Holly Johnson
Absolute Press, 1999
64 pp paperback featuring Holly Johnson's (Frankie Goes to Hollywood) eccentric choices of the iconic rock and pop stars of the century (including Morrissey). Text by Pat Reid who has published two books about Morrissey and the Smiths (see first section of this file).

Rock Fashion
by Josh Sims
Omnibus Press, 1999
Hardcover celebrating rock music fashion from the 50s to today. Includes Morrissey among many hundred others.

Alternative Rock
by Dave Thompson
Backbeat Books, 2000
Includes biographies and reviews of many major alternative artists, including the Smiths.

Inside Classic Rock Tracks
by Rikky Rooksby
Published by Backbeat Books, 2001
Analysis of writing and recording techniques behind 100 selected singles, including on by the Smiths.

Mick Ronson: The Spider With The Platinum Hair
by Weird and Gilly
Independent Music Press (IMP), 2003
Mick Ronson biography, includes the story on the making of Morrissey's "Your Arsenal" album (on which Ronson worked as producer).

Siouxsie And The Banshees: The Authorised Biobraphy
by Mark Paytress
Sanctuary Publishing, 2003
Includes the story on how Siouxsie went on to work with Morrissey on their duet "Interlude".

Meat Is Murder
by Joe Pernice
Continuum International Publishing Group, 2003
Work of fiction built around the Smiths' album "Meat Is Murder". Part of a series titled 33 1/3 dedicated to historical albums. This one is the only fictional one in the series.

How Soon Is Never
by Marc Spitz
Published by Three Rivers Press, September 2003
Work of fiction in which a character tries to reunite his favourite band, the Smiths.

2004 NME Yearbook
by various authors
Published by the NME, 2004
A review of 2004 in music including an article by Morrissey titled "The Year According To Morrissey" and a few photos.
Read from scans at Morrissey Scans.

Q Magazine Icons
by various authors
Published by Q Magazine, 2004
Subtitled "The Greatest Music Stars Of All Time", this is a special edition by Q Magazine about the people who changed the face of music.

Rough Trade
by Rob Young
Published by Black Dog Publishing, 2006
This book about the history of the legendary British independent label Rough Trade could not exist without mentioning their most famous and biggest act, the Smiths.

Uncertain Ireland: A Sociological Chronical
edited by Mary P Corcoran and Michel Peillon
Published by Institute of Public Administration, 2006
This book contains a chapter titled "Being Wild(e)About Morrissey: Fandom and Identity" written by Eoin Devereux which discusses Morrissey's Irish roots and describes the last night of Morrissey's 2004 You Are The Quarry tour at the Point Theatre in Dublin.

Ask A Mexican
by Gustavo Arellano
Published by Scribner in 2007
This book contains a 10-page analysis of why Mexicans love Morrissey.

Committed: A Rabble-Rouser's Memoir
by Dan Mathews
First published by Atria Books in 2007
This book by PETA's Dan Mathews features an account of his meeting Morrissey. The book also includes a line by Morrissey praising the author.

The Best of Smash Hits: The 80s
by Mark Frith (editor)
Published by Little, Brown Book Group in 2007
Hardcover book that's actually more like a giant issue of the magazine. There are two significant Morrissey-related features: a reprint of the January 1985 "Meat is murder" interview, and a reprint of the October 1985 joint interview with Pete Burns. Both are identical in transcript to the original prints, but contain different photos from the same sessions originally used.

The North Will Rise Again: Manchester Music City 1976-1996
by John Robb
Published by Aurum Press Ltd in 2009
This book charting the history of the Manchester music scene obviously features the story of the Smiths and Morrissey.

The British Pop Dandy: Male Identity, Music and Culture
by Stan Hawkins
Published by Ashgate Publishing, Ltd., 2009
This study of stylish British male pop stars features Morrissey quite extensively.

The Day I Met Morrissey
by Dickie Felton
First published in May 2009
A collection of real-life accounts from fans who found themselves in the right place at the right time.

The Wit and Wisdom of the North
by Rosemarie Jarski
Published by Ebury Press, 2009
This compilation of quotes from famous Northern England people/shows/etc features a lot of material from Morrissey.

Paint A Vulgar Picture: Fiction Inspired By The Smiths
edited by Peter Wild
Published by Serpent's Tail in May 2009
As the title says, this is a collection of short stories inspired by songs of the Smiths.

Please: Fiction Inspired By The Smiths
edited by Peter Wild
Published by Harper Perennial in March 2010
American edition of the previous item, retitled for the American market.

Irish Blood English Heart
by Sean Campbell
Published by Cork University Press in July 2010
Paperback published by Cork University Press in November 2011
This book, an account of second-generation Irish musicians in England, discusses Morrissey amongst others. The title of the book is actually the title of a Morrissey song.

Document And Eyewitness: An Intimate History of Rough Trade: The Rough Trade Story
by Neil Taylor
Published by Orion in July 2010
This book tells the story of Rough Trade through interviews with the major players, including Johnny Marr who talks about the rise and fall of the Smiths.

by James Maker
Self-published in August 2010 (as an e-book only)
This James Maker autobiography discusses at length his friendship with Morrissey before and during his days with the Smiths.

I Was Douglas Adams's Flatmate And Other Encounters With Legends
by Andrew McGibbon
Published by Faber and Faber in February 2011
This book by Andrew McGibbon aka Andrew Paresi who drummed for Morrissey from 1988-1991 includes a chapter on Morrissey.

Reelin' in the Years: The Soundtrack of a Northern Life
by Mark Radcliffe
Published by Simon & Schuster Ltd in 2011
One of the chapters in this book is about the Smiths.

by Bryan Adams
First published in September 2012
This photography book includes snaps of Morrissey.

The History of the NME
by Pat Long
First published in February 2012
This very interesting book about the history of the New Musical Express could not miss mentioning the Smiths and Morrissey. Morrissey also appears on the cover alongside John Lydon and David Bowie.

Morrissey International Airport
by Dickie Felton
First published in December 2012
This book collects interviews with fans who travel distances to follow Morrissey on tour.