Morrissey as author


"James Dean Is Not Dead"
    by Morrissey

"The New York Dolls"
    by Morrissey

"Exit Smiling"
    by Morrissey

    by Morrissey


Various contributions to other people's work

The Catalogue, number 63
magazine issue from September 1988
This issue of trade magazine The Catalogue included a flexi featuring a live version of "London" taken from the Smiths' live album "Rank". A Morrissey poem titled "Poppycocteau" was found on the reverse of the flexi.

Marc Bolan: Wilderness Of The Mind
By John Willans and Caron Thomas
published by Xanadu Publications, London in 1992
Introduction written by Morrissey.

Cockney Reject
By Jeff Turner and Garry Bushell
published by John Black Publishing, 2005
Introduction written by Morrissey.

Linder Works 1976-2006
published by JRP Editions, 2006
Includes an essay on Linder written by Morrissey. Read online here.

Tony Visconti the autobiography
published by Harper Collins Entertainment, 2007
Foreword by Morrissey.

From Dusk 'til Dawn
An Insider's View of the Growth of the Animal Liberation Movement
published by Puppy Pincher Press, 2007
Endorsement from Morrissey.

Committed: A Rabble-Rouser's Memoir
by Dan Mathews
First published by Atria Books in 2007
This book by PETA's Dan Mathews which features an account of his meeting Morrissey, includes a line by Morrissey praising the author.

New York Dolls Photographs by Bob Gruen
published by Abrams Image, 2008
Afterword by Morrissey.

The Dark Monarch: Magic and Modernity in British Art
published by Tate St. Ives, 2009
This collection of essays explores the influence of folklore, mysticism, mythology and the occult on the development of modernism and surrealism in Britain. Morrissey's contribution is titled "The Bleak Moor Lies" and is an excerpt from Morrissey's forthcoming autobiography.

The Ballad Of Mott The Hoople [DVD]
Released by Start Productions in 2011
Morrissey writes the liner notes.

In the Words of Sparks...
Published by Tam Tam Books, 2013
Morrissey writes the introduction in this book of Sparks lyrics.


For more words by Morrissey, there is a list of reviews and letters to the editor which were published in various music magazines before he became famous.



In a 2012 email interview to Juice Online, Morrissey said of his books "New York Dolls", "James Dean Is Not Dead" and "Exit Smiling": "They weren’t intended to be books actually. They were essays. When I became known they were heavily distributed around England, which was embarrassing because they were just juvenile teenage rubbish. The James Dean essay was called 'James Dead is Not Dean', but was published as 'James Dean is Not Dead', which had me rather exasperated. Oh, well."

On the same subject, in a 2013 interview to Rookie, he said "Those weren't books, just juvenile essays, and thoughtless rubbish at that. I had no creative process, just pain, which I mistakenly assumed might be creative process. Well, it wasn't..."